What is the OhxyPhog System?

The OhxyPhog System is a unique combination of humidity, fog and ozone gas created by a specialized nozzle that is used to disinfect the ambient atmosphere and contact surfaces in an isolated treatment area.

How does it work?

The OhxyPhog System is typically employed in an area that complete surface and atmospheric disinfection is desired.  The system creates a fog containing micro droplets of ozonated water, ozone gas and humidity.

How large a facility can the system treat?

How large a room or facility the OhxyPhog System is capable of treating is based on the ozone output of the system, treatment room volume and the ozone decay rate (or half-life). 

What are some common applications for the OhxyPhog System?

Hospitals, Funeral Homes, Super Markets. Public Transportation, Schools, Urgent Care, Restaurants, Airports, Hotels, Banks, Government Areas, Etc.

Viruses have no protection against oxidative stress.

Ozone is a proven disinfectant of all known viruses.


Only patented viral and bacterial ozone fogging system in the world!
100% made in America using American parts and assembly by former NASA engineers!
Is there a warranty on the product?… Yes! There is a 1-year warranty on the parts and labor along with free training by the manufacturer here in Florida!
What is the return policy? …There is a 60-day return policy. We will refund the total price of the system minus the freight charges.

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